The Effect of Mortar Grade and Thickness on the Impact Resistance of Ferrocement Slab

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Muda Z.C.
Syamsir A.
Mustapha K.N.
Sulleman S.
Beddu S.
Thiruchelvam S.
Ismail F.B.
Usman F.
Mohd Kamal N.L.
Alam M.A.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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This paper investigate the effect of the thickness and mesh spacing on the impact of ferrocement for the concrete slab of 300mm � 300mm size reinforced subjected to low impact projectile test. A self-fabricated drop-weight impact test rig with a steel ball weight of 1.236 kg drop at height of 150 mm, 350mm, and 500mm has been used in this research work. The objective of this research is to study the relationship of impact resistance of ferrocement against the mortar grade and slab thickness. There is a good linear correlation between impact resistance of ferrocement against the mortar grade and the thickness of ferrocement slab. The first and ultimate crack impact resistance of mortar grade 43 (for 40 mm thick slab with mesh reinforcement) are 1.60 times and 1.53 times respectively against the mortar grade 17 slab (of same thickness with mesh reinforcement). The first and ultimate crack impact resistance for 40 mm thick slab (mortar grade 43 with mesh reinforcement) are 3.55 times and 4.49 times respectively against the 20 mm thick slab (of same mortar grade with mesh reinforcement).
Concrete slabs; Cracks; Drops; Mesh generation; Reinforced concrete; Reinforcement; Drop weight impact; Linear correlation; Low impacts; Mesh reinforcement; Mesh spacing; Projectile tests; Slab thickness; Steel balls; Mortar; cement; concrete; cracking; impact; loading; mortar; spacing; steel structure; weight