Electric vehicle charging system and its impact to the power distribution network

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Hanis Hamimah Mohamad Seth
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The development of Electric Vehicles (EVs) has been around and is aspired to prevent further global warming particularly carbon emission. EV charging consumes a lot of power as the load is big and because the increasing number of EV users, the problem of increasing load demand occurs and leads to uncontrolled charging, transformer loading and voltage level fluctuation. Based on literature reviews done on similar studies, a few factors that cause impacts are charging patterns, number of EV penetration, location, time, duration and rate of EV charging, Results from case studies prove that high penetration cause the voltage level to drop as the load increases and transforming loading increase linear to load increment. Conclusion to the problem is replacing the transformer with a bigger capacity, promotes controlled charging and also connecting the EV Charging Station (EVCS) in parallel in the network.
TL220.H36 2019
Electric vehicles , Electric power distribution