A study on potential ability of egg shell in the properties of concrete

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Elffie Yunus
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Nowadays, there are various types of additives used in concrete mixes. Additives in concrete have become popular among contractors. On that case, this project is concerned with the study of potential egg shell strength concrete. There are two types of concrete were made, control concrete and concrete mixed with egg shells to obtain the difference between control concrete and concrete mixed with egg shells. The objective of this study was to determine the potential of the egg shell on the strength of concrete. In addition the study aims to determine the workability, compressive strength and water absorption of the concrete. As a result, three tests were conducted on the concrete such as slump test, compression test and water absorption test. As a result of the slump test showed that the concrete mixed with egg shells powder have the lower workability compare to the control concrete. The workability of concrete decrease as the amount of egg shell powder added increase. Furthermore concrete with 5% of eggshell powder has the highest strength on 28 days. The strength for control concrete on 28 days is 41.16 N/m2 while for concrete with 5% of eggshell powder is 42.23 N/m2. Besides, concrete with eggshell powder has the lowest percentage of water absorption. Control concrete has 7.14% of water absorption while the water absorption of concretes with 1%, 5% and 10% of egg shell powder are 4.29%, 2.74% and 1.37%.
TA439.E43 2015
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