To investigation the mechanical behaviour of fibres and the effect on the impregnated resin

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Mohamad Zulhairi Mohd Jamel
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The thesis reports to investigate the effect of resin impregnation by research and experiment on the interfacial shear strenght (IFSS), and surface area using Scanning Electrons Microscope of natural fibers. In order, natural fibers using the sugar palm (Arenga pinnata) fibres. For this study, the matures sugar palm was selected during the flowering stage or sessions. When during this level, quantities of fibres were produced properties because effect of resin impregnation of natural fibers reinforced unsaturated polyester will be studied. This project requires some methods will be used to analyze and investigate to getting data and result. For other information, the impregnation of fibers will be used to execess and curing the resin of sugar palm fibers. For the properties of single impregnation, sugar palm fibers will be determine and analyse by interfacial shear strenght (IFSS). This project concludes to analyze determination of mechanicals properties composites with the maximum mechanical properties must be obtain the natural fibers reinforced polyester composites. Some specimen will be prepared will each fibers different loading and impregnated composite for the interfacial shear strength and the microsturcture fibres.
TA418.9 .C6 M63 2014
Fibrous composited