A study on workstation design of batik 'canting' workers

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Muhammad Luqman Hakim Rozman
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Ergonomic is the concept of a relationship between design and efficiency rate that effect the result. Although we want the people to adapt to the environment, as an engineer, we need to design the environment that give the highest productivity for the result. That's why some research need to be done to identify the problem before creating or suggesting any solution. In Malaysia, batik industry is one of the industry that display the identity of Malaysian. There are two types of batik, which are batik canting and batik stamp. There are some diseases that may results due to failure to use furniture that are not ergonomically friendly such as back pain and musculoskeletal disorder. This project aims to identify workers awareness of performing work safely, to analyse current working posture and its risk factors, to redesign the working procedure using ergonomic approach. Questionnaire is used to identify the workers awareness and 11 workers are involved in this project. RULA analysis is used to analyse current working posture and the CATIA software is used to redesign the working procedure using ergonomic approach. The new table that has ergonomic concept was designed to reduce the body posture effect among the batik 'canting' workers.
Human engineering , Industrial safety