Three-phase PWM-switched autotransformer voltage-sag compensator based on phase angle analysis

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Mansor M.
Rahim N.A.
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Korean Institute of Power Electronics
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Many voltage sag compensators have been introduced, including the traditional dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), which requires an energy storage device but is inadequate for compensating deep and long-duration voltage sags. The AC-AC sag compensators introduced next do not require a storage device and they are capable of compensating voltage sags. This type of compensator needs an AC-AC converter to regulate the output voltage. Presented in this paper is a three-phase PWM-switched autotransformer voltage sag compensator based on an AC-AC converter that uses a proposed detection technique and PWM voltage control as a controller. Its effectiveness and capability in instantly detecting and compensating voltage sags were verified via MATLAB/Simulink simulations and further investigated through a laboratory prototype developed with a TMS320F2812 DSP as the main controller.
Peak detection , RMS detection , Voltage sag , Voltage sag compensator , Voltage sag detection , AC-AC power converters , Electric energy storage , MATLAB , Power converters , Voltage control , Voltage regulators , AC-AC converters , Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) , Matlab/Simulink simulation , Output voltages , Peak detection , Voltage sag compensator , Voltage sag detections , Voltage sags , Electric autotransformers