Indoor air quality control using backpropagated neural networks

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Uskenbayeva R.
Altayeva A.
Gusmanova F.
Abdulkarimova G.
Berkimbaeva S.
Dalbekova K.
Suiman A.
Zhanseitova A.
Amreyeva A.
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Tech Science Press
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Providing comfortable indoor air quality control in residential construction is an exceedingly important issue. This is due to the structure of the fast response controller of air quality. The presented work shows the breakdown and creation of a mathematical model for an interactive, nonlinear system for the required comfortable air quality. Furthermore, the paper refers to designing traditional proportional integral derivative regulators and proportional, integral, derivative regulators with independent parameters based on a backpropagation neural network. In the end, we perform the experimental outputs of a suggested backpropagation neural network-based proportional, integral, derivative controller and analyze model results by applying the proposed system. The obtained results demonstrated that the proposed controller can provide the required level of clean air in the room. The proposed developed model takes into consideration international Heating, Refrigerating, and air conditioning standards as ASHRAE AND ISO. Based on the findings, we concluded that it is possible to implement a proposed system in homes and offer equivalent indoor air quality with continuous mechanical ventilation without a profuse amount of energy. � 2022 Tech Science Press. All rights reserved.
Air conditioning; Air quality; Backpropagation; Indoor air pollution; Neural networks; Proportional control systems; Quality control; Two term control systems; Ventilation; Air quality control; Back-propagated neural networks; Back-propagation neural networks; Fast response; Indoor air; Indoor air quality; Math model; PID; Proportional integral derivatives; Residential construction; Controllers