Assessing the Passenger Load of Urban Bus Services in Southern States Peninsular of Malaysia

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Bakar M.F.A.
Norhisham S.
Khebir M.I.A.
Saad N.M.
Azlan N.N.I.M.
Shkuri N.S.M.
Yukawa S.
Syamsir A.
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Urbanization process represents the increase in the proportion people living in towns and cities as a results of people movement from rural areas to urban areas. As the growing population in urban area increase tremendously and the high amount of traffic volume on the road would cause a huge traffic congestion in city area as well as suburb area. Moreover, the bus services should be assessed on operation aspects on the number of passengers had been used bus service recently and expectation of passenger and users towards bus services. Therefore, this paper will present the study of assessing the passenger load of urban bus services in southern state Peninsular of Malaysia. Passenger load data have been taken at main terminal at capital city of each states such as, Johor Bahru, Bandaraya Melaka and Seremban. Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCRPM) has been stated as a specific guidelines and key indicators to determine and analyzed the quality service of bus performance in selected area. There was one focused in this study specific areas would be focused on these studies namely passenger load factors attributes. The results show that mean of quality of service (QOS) of on time performance for Johor Bahru, Melaka and Seremban were classified as a QOS B, A and A respectively. Most of the routes in these cities were classified as QOS A, two routes were classified as QOS B and two routes were classified as QOS C. Some improvement on these three attributes should be made to increase the quality of service. The outcome of these studies should be used as an indication by operators to measure their bus services. Since this city is capital city in southern state in Malaysia, authorities and government can used this outcome as their inputs to measure the effectiveness of public transportation in urban area. � 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
Bus transportation; Buses; Traffic congestion; Urban transportation; Amounts of traffics; Bus services; Classifieds; Malaysia; Passenger loads; Quality-of-service; Southern state; Urban areas; Urban bus; Urban bus service; Quality of service