The Internet of Mechanical Things: The IoT Framework for Mechanical Engineers

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Hajjaj S.S.H.
Gsangaya K.R.
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CRC Press
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This book provides knowledge, skills, and strategies an engineer requires to effectively integrate Internet of Things (IoT) into the field of mechanical engineering. Divided into three sections named IoT Strategies, IoT Foundation topics, and IoT system development, the volume covers introduction to IoT framework, its components, advantages, challenges, and practical process for effective implementation of IoT from mechanical engineering perspective. Further, it explains IoT systems and hands-on training modules, implementation, and execution of IoT Systems. Features: Presents exclusive material on application of IoT in mechanical engineering. Combines theory and practice including relevant terminologies and hands-on. Emphasis on use of IoT to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increased profits. Focusses on development and implementation of Raspberry Pi and Arduino based IoT systems. Illustrates use IoT data to improve performance of robots, machines, and systems. This book aims at Researchers, Graduate students in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Programming, Automobile, Robotics, and Industry 4.0/automation. � 2022 Sami Salama Hussen Hajjaj and Kisheen Rao Gsangaya. All rights reserved.