Algebraic Operations-Based Secret-Key Design for Encryption Algorithm (ASKEA) for Energy Informatics and Smart Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

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Al-Ghaili A.M.
Kasim H.
Omar R.
Hassan Z.
Al-Hada N.M.
Wang J.
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This paper designs a secret key that has the ability to behave in a different way based on plaintext input. This paper proposes two schemes of secret key length which are: 2i and 2i+ 2i - 1. The aim is to increase unpredictability and privacy of plaintext. A series of algebraic operations has been used to create a specific coefficient by which the relation between plaintext size and key length is adjustable. This design of secret key increases privacy of sensitive data used with energy informatics and smart Energy Internet-of-Things (EIoT) applications. The proposed design has been evaluated in terms of time complexity computation time to generate one secret key and encrypt plaintext. Additionally, results show that the proposed Algebraic Operations-based Secret-Key Design for Encryption Algorithm (ASKEA) has less computation time and complexity than other competitive research works. Privacy and unpredictability of plaintext and secret key could be preserved and achieved. � 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
Algebra; Codes (symbols); Cryptography; Algebraic operations; Encryption algorithms; Energy informatics; Energy internet; Energy internet-of-thing; Key lengths; Plaintext; QR codes; Secret key; Security scheme; Internet of things