Track home maintenance business centers with GPS technology in the IR 4.0 era

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Baker El-Ebiary Y.A.
Iryani Ahmad Saany S.
Aledinat L.S.
Ravindran Pathmanathan P.
Jusoh J.A.
Aseh K.
Mohamed R.R.
Nazari Mohd Rose A.
Moaiad Y.A.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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A home helper is in high demand these days because it relieves the stress of doing household chores. Home helpers are usually self-employed and work part-time in their clients' homes. Be that as it may, having domestic helper departments within the nearby local area is annoying since residents, in general, have no foggy idea of when or how to contact the person providing these types of help. Examples of departments that could be offered include escort departments, garden maintenance, dinner planning, pet grooming, assistance with family tasks, or even friendship for the elderly. It is clear that there is a gap between the specialized household cooperatives and the neighboring local area that requested the departments. Usually, individuals introducing departments present their administrations by using flyers or bypassing their phone numbers to individuals. This is definitely not an accurate display system because the dispersion of the data is limited to just a small aggregation of the surrounding local area. Going forward, I-HomeHelper acts as a unique stage for people to bring their department to an end through openness who are asking their departments to take advantage of current developments in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0). I-HomeHelper authorizes to make an orderly reservation for the necessary departments and also fills as a stage for the advancement of the various departments accessible. The finer details of departments that include costs, name of home partners, and contact numbers are likewise shown on the advanced page so that the general community can choose which departments meet their models. This app is expected to create an ecosystem for holistic critical development for these freelance people and benefit an audience that really needs help with family chores or home maintenance. � 2021 IEEE.
Display devices; Maintenance; Ubiquitous computing; Display system; GPS technologies; High demand; Home-helpers; Local areas; Phone number; Global positioning system