Environmental behaviours in the model green city of Melaka

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Bakar A.A.
Mustapa S.I.
Mohammad N.
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Malaysian Institute Of Planners
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Environmental Behaviour [EB] manifests in a person�s ability to contribute in his context. It houses behaviours such as engaging with the surrounding, executing roles or tasks, proving skills and aptitude and behaving responsibly. Issue: The past 10 years since the Green City Action Plan [MGCAP] was announced warrant for an appraisal of Melaka residents EB to determine the magnitude to which the citizen have participated towards modelling Melaka as Green City. Purpose: This paper aims to compare the EB of Melaka residents to residents of other states in Malaysia. Approach: One-Way MANOVA was generated to determine the mean distribution of 10 EB items, across Malaysia States. Findings: There were significant differences within subjects of the 10 EB items between-subjects of Malaysia States. The Post-Hoc Test indicated relatively half of the means of EB items for Melaka were higher than other states while the remaining half revealed lower means. In comparison to other states, Melaka has low practices of eco-behaviours specifically relating to energy saving, recycling and waste handling as well as environmental purchasing. � 2020 Malaysian Institute Of Planners. All rights reserved.