COP negotiations and Malaysian climate change roadmap: a comparative assessment using a dynamic environmental model

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Ahmed A.
Al-Amin A.Q.
Rasiah R.
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This study critically evaluates two COP proposals on Malaysia that have been under consideration to reduce climate damage. A top-down disaggregation framework deploying an �Empirical Regional Downscaling Dynamic Integrated Model of Climate and the Economy� is used to evaluate the local government climate roadmap and Malaysia�s emissions reduction agendas under COP21 and subsequently COP22 proposals. The findings show that the costs from climate damage over the period 2010�2110 under the Malaysian Optimal Climate Action scenario will amount to MYR5,483 (US$1589) billion. The commensurate climate damage costs under the COP21 and COP22 scenario would be MYR5, 264 (US$1526) billion. Thus, the effective proposal for reducing climate damage in Malaysia over the period 2010�2110 is the COP22 time-adjusted COP21 proposal but there are a number of macroeconomic cost implications for savings and consumption that policy makers must address before acting. � 2019, Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature.
climate change; comparative study; environmental assessment; environmental modeling; environmental policy; local government; macroeconomics; policy making; Malaysia; climate change; human; interpersonal communication; Malaysia; organization; theoretical model; Climate Change; Congresses as Topic; Humans; Malaysia; Models, Theoretical; Negotiating