The Qualitative Measurement towards Emotional Feeling of Design for Product Development

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Syaifoelida F.
Megat Hamdan M.A.M.
Murrad M.
Aminuddin H.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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To compete in today's ever-growing technology market, a product needs to be well presentable to the customers. It is a challenge to design a product that is able to attract customer's attention and to build their loyalty towards the product. A product needs to be designed with focus to give the maximum level of satisfaction to the end user which is the customer. That is the focus of this paper, to achieve customer's satisfaction, by studying feelings and emotional value related to product designs using Kansei Engineering (KE) and to test how important that product element (level of satisfaction) by using Kano Method (KM). KE is a method of translating human emotions and feelings into product development. The method studies the human interaction and responses when a customer sees a product, then translates it into a new improved design. However, KE cannot stand on its own. It did not specify in which extends the feeling or emotions is important in a product. After we had the design appearance parameters from KE and existing design evaluation, it need to be classified which is more important than the other is. That is why Kano Method (KM) will also be used. Since this scope of study towards an emotional feeling of design (existing part/appearance) in Kano categories not in deep function of technical requirement, so KM will help to classify parts of product into categories, which part will give fully satisfaction while using it. It studies the more important attributes considered by the customers for improvement. The objective is to find out the design priority guide that can be used to maximize customer's satisfaction. Therefore, in order to apply the qualitative measurement idea into the real situation, the headphone product is chosen (popular among students) as the product (the appearance of part, feeling when use it) domain for this study. As the results progressed, it was found out that the headband part of headphone is the most important part of the product. It needs to be durable and comfortably designed to give full satisfaction while using (Kano-functional). The research and development (R&D), and designing process of a product can be improved greatly to increase the customer's satisfaction by capturing their emotional feeling in physiological design. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Customer satisfaction; Integrated circuits; Product development; Sales; Stars; Design evaluation; Emotional feeling; Human interactions; Kansei Engineering; Level of satisfaction; Qualitative measurements; Research and development; Technical requirement; Product design