Design and implementation of security solution for M-government on mobile platforms using hybrid of NTRU-PKI and aes-rijndael

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Tawfeeq M.A.
Sultan M.T.
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Little Lion Scientific
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In recent years and specifically in the era of rapid technology development, many changes have taken place in the field of communication technologies (ICT), where mobile devices have replaced computers in multiple significant tasks. This has influenced the interactions between citizens and government agencies in what is called the m-Government, which is an extension of the e-Government that provides services to citizens in general or subscribers in particular. As these services range from public to private bodies and data transmitted sometimes require authentication and confidentiality, the need to secure them has been found to be inevitable. The problem faced here is regarding security of transmitted data as cryptography algorithms whether symmetric or asymmetric; suffer from issues of key exchange mechanism or security performance. In this research, the authors proposes a system technique to secure the transmission of the m-Government using hybrid security algorithms of AES-Rijndael and NTRU, with concentration on confidentiality and authentication as core services in m-Government current transactions, in order to enhance the security of transmission medium and achieve better security of m-Government services. The findings of this dissertation have shown proof of the powerful presence of security factors concerning confidentiality and authentication in the field of m-Government, and test performance approves that the proposed technique is applicable on smartphone devices. � 2005 � ongoing JATIT & LLS.