Effect of waterproofing admixtures on concrete

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Hamid N.B.
Ramli M.Z.
Sanik M.E.
Mokhtar M.
Razman R.
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American Institute of Physics Inc.
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Concrete is an engineering material consisting of cementing substances, aggregates, water and a controlled amount of entrained air that is mainly needed in the construction industry. However, the ability of water to be transported into concrete seems to be a major problem with the ensuing deterioration of concrete and reinforcing steel resulting in costly repairs, loss of service and structural failure. Waterproofing admixtures can be used to improve the pore structure of concrete and reduce the water permeability of concrete. The objectives of this project are to reduce the water ingress in concrete structure and investigate the effect of three different types of waterproofing admixture on concrete. Waterproofing admixtures were added during the mixing of materials according to the percentage of each waterproofing admixture used. Slump test, water absorption test, concrete compression test and water permeability test were conducted to determine the properties of concrete based on waterproof characteristics. According to the results obtained from the tests, concrete with soap showed medium degree of workability with slump value of 85mm, low percentage of absorption, 1.32%, low permeability, 25mm and high compressive strength of 42.9MPa. Concrete with soap showed waterproof characteristic without affecting the strength of concrete among other waterproofing admixtures. Hence, concrete with soap showed a better performance in waterproof characteristics among other waterproofing admixtures as compared to the control sample. � 2018 Author(s).