Assessment of simulation modelling and real-time measurements for 3.15 and 17.28 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Malaysia

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Balasubramanian B.
Ariffin A.M.
Al-Zubaidi S.H.
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International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
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The aim of this research work is to develop a portable simulation system that can measure ambient temperature (Ta) and solar irradiance (G) in real time, and then compute the energy that can be generated from a pre-defined PV system using these measurement data via a built-in graphic user interface (GUI). In constructing this system, a simulation modelling of PV output based on cell temperature and solar irradiance has been developed. The model was based on the first principles of representing a solar module with an equivalent circuit that takes into account the cell temperature, solar irradiance and all other parameters related to the cell. The accuracy of this simulation system was then being validated using the solar panel manufacturer's datasheet and also two PV systems that are available; 3.15 kWp solar PV rooftop system and 17.28 kWp solar PV carport system. Good agreements have been found between the simulated results and the measured field data. The developed simulation system can be potentially used in forecasting the power output generated by a solar module at a specific location without the need for actual installation.
Cells; Cytology; Equivalent circuits; Graphical user interfaces; Real time systems; Solar concentrators; Solar energy; Solar power generation; Solar radiation; Cell's temperatures; Graphic user interface; Photovoltaic systems; Portable simulation system; Simulation systems; Simulation-modelling; Solar irradiances; Solar photovoltaic rooftop system; Solar photovoltaics; UNITEN; Solar panels