Modeling in Energy Sector: A Comparison Between Developing and Developed Countries

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Coyard V.
Darras L.
Ahmad A.R.
Hashim W.
Ibrahim N.A.I.
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IEEE Computer Society
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Energy models developed by international institutions specifically address national and international issues surrounding the current energy environment. Energy used in developing countries has risen rapidly in the past and it is expected to continue to increase rapidly in the future and it is distinct from those of developed countries in many ways. This paper provides an overview of the research work regarding the comparison of developing and developed countries in energy modeling sector. Modeling tools are required to explore and quantify these pathways. These models help to organize large amount of data, reflect complete system in understandable form and provide consistent framework for testing hypothesis. Overview of the energy modeling tools required to model the energy such as Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning Systems (LEAP) and comparison of LEAP with other energy modeling tools such as MARket Allocation (MARKAL) also are provided. � 2016 IEEE.
Developing countries; Intelligent systems; Complete system; Current energy; Developed countries; Energy model; Energy sector; Modeling tool; Planning systems; Testing hypothesis; Energy policy