Experimental analysis and FEM simulation of loop heat pipe charged with diamond nanofluid for desktop PC cooling

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Gunnasegaran P.
Abdullah M.Z.
Yusoff M.Z.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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This paper discusses the impact of diamond nanofluid on heat transfer characteristics in a Loop Heat Pipe (LHP). In this study, diamond nanoparticles in water with particle mass concentration ranged from 0% to 3% is considered as the operational fluid within the LHP. The experiments are carried out by manufacturing the LHP, in which the setup consists of a water tank with pump, a flat evaporator, condenser installed with two pieces of fans, two transportation lines (vapor and liquid lines), copper pipe sections for attachment of the thermocouples and power supply. The uniqueness of the current experimental setup is the vapor line of LHP which is made of transparent plastic tube to visualize the fluid flow patterns. The experimental results are verified by Finite Element (FE) simulation using a three-dimensional (3D) model based on the heat transfer by conduction where the LHP as a whole is modeled by assuming it as a conducting medium without taking into account the events occurring inside the LHP. The LHP performance is evaluated in terms of transient temperature distribution and total thermal resistance (Rt). The experimental and simulation results are found in good agreement.
Cooling; Diamonds; Flow of fluids; Heat pipes; Heat transfer; Nanofluidics; Thermocouples; Water tanks; Diamond nano-particles; Experimental analysis; Finite element simulations; Heat transfer characteristics; Three dimensional (3-D) modeling; Transient temperature distributions; Transparent plastics; Transportation line; Finite element method