Performance improvement of electric vehicle inductive-power transfer system using series-series capacitor compensation

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Sabki S.A.
Tan N.M.L.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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This paper presents the design of a 200-V, 6.7-kW, 20-kHz inductive power transfer circuit for electric vehicles based on the SAE J-1773 level-2 battery charger requirement. The proposed inductive power transfer (IPT) circuit has series-series capacitor compensation. This paper shows the design of the capacitor compensation and analyzes the effects of the different topologies of capacitor compensation circuit on the IPT system. In addition, the comparison between the proposed IPT circuit and the conventional IPT circuit with and without capacitor compensation are presented. The simulation results of the proposed inductive power transfer circuit show that the reactive power transferred from primary to the secondary circuit is eliminated, achieving low energy loss in the pick-up circuit. � 2015 IEEE.
Capacitors; Electric power systems; Electric vehicles; Energy conversion; Energy dissipation; Low power electronics; Reconfigurable hardware; Vehicles; Capacitor compensation; Compensation capacitors; Inductive power transfer; Inductive power transfer systems; Inductive powertransfer (IPT); Secondary circuit; Series capacitor compensation; Wireless power transfer; Inductive power transmission