Intelligent metadata web search engines: A brief review of literature on intelligent metadata based search engines

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Mahdi M.N.
Ahmad A.R.
Ismail R.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Search engines are vital in the current digital world. Given the huge amount of information on the internet, search engines are vital tools that internet users are using to search web pages for the required information. However, most of the search engines currently in the market are inadequate and thus do not completely serve the needs of internet users. This is because in most cases they give results that are inaccurate and irrelevant. It is thus important to deploy search engine solutions that are embedded with intelligent agents that enable the search engines to work with enormous amount of information and give the search engines the capability to learn from their environment in order to give accurate and relevant results. � 2014 IEEE.
Information retrieval; Intelligent agents; Internet; Metadata; Social networking (online); Websites; World Wide Web; Amount of information; Data; Digital world; Internet users; Meta search engines; Search engines