Improved indoors location awareness architecture in mobile phones

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Davoudi V.
Daud S.M.
Abosadeghi M.
Oskooei M.A.
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American Scientific Publishers
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The processing capabilities and advantages of mobile devices equipped with portable sensors provide the basis for new context-aware services and applications tailored to the user environment and daily activities. People on the move have a grown need for real-time information and services anytime and anywhere. Context information in mobile phones e.g., location, user activity, calendar and speed can significantly improve the user experience in the current situation. A review of the literature suggests that context awareness in mobile phone can be very helpful and considered as inevitable technique in future of mobile phone application. In this paper, we give a short review about context awareness and then critically analyzed related researches to the context awareness in mobile phone. Furthermore, we proposed an architecture to reduce cost of using Global Positioning System (GPS) and improves localization in indoors area. The review argues the weakness and strength of these studies, and aims to (a) indicate the most important context in mobile phone, (b) Improving localization in indoor areas (c) reducing battery consumption of GPS sensor in mobile phone. © 2014 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.