Develop and design of personal stationary organizer and planner (ZIB - STAT - O @2.0) using qualilty function deployment procedures

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Muhammad Zaim Ilman Bin Zulkifli
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The issue on time management has become one of the biggest issues even for the world's most trained and motivated people. The time management would affect the productivity of a person and incompetence of handling the issue would lead someone to serious problem such as stress management, goal setting and difficulty in decision making. The author has introduced the ZIB-STAT-O ® 2.0 that blends the concept of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and various therapy techniques related to Neuro-Linguistic Programming including the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), perfect breathing, 4-MAT System, PECSAW and reflexology. The QFD is implemented to produce a product that meets the customer demand. At the early stage of the project, an online community survey was conducted to gain the customers’ point of view on the features of a planner. A total number of 30 respondents responded to the online survey. Based on the feedback gathered, the importance parameters of the planner were obtained, and the final prototype design including the material selection was able to be produced. The fabrication process took place to develop the prototype according to the QFD outcome. A series of activity encompasses the section inside the planner which were My Life Journey, My Life Journal and My Vision Board was conducted. The respondents for the activity were needed to undergo a 20-day of exercise. At the end of the exercise, the respondents gave their feedbacks on the outcome that they got from the exercise. All of these exercises were related in solving the issues mentioned. As a result, in My Life Journey, the respondent managed to reflect the past and present and able to imagine the future. The exercise has eventually improved the respondent creativity in shaping a better future life through the mapping process. In My Life Journal, the exercise conducted has able to make the respondent to become more organized with the help of the planner as well as managed to set specific goals. The respondent managed to lose weight from 63.9 kg to 61.5 kg as one part of the goals listed while performing the exercise. The respondent has also given the feedback on the quality of her life, as she able to monitor her progress from time to time. In My Vision Board, the respondent who performed the exercise was able to improve the time management as well as ensuring all the task that were listed to finish according to the allocated time. This was because the respondent was able to gain high understanding on what to be done to achieve the goals desired. At the end of the project, a product satisfaction survey was conducted to gain customer feedbacks on the outcome of the prototype. Positive feedbacks and some suggestion were gained from the survey. Overall, the project's usefulness has achieved its success where it could solve the problems based on the experience of the respondents as well as 100 % of the respondents wished to suggest the product to others.
HD69.T54 .Z35 2020
Quality function deployment