Design of Automated Rain Awning

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Rabianur Airen Binti Mohamed
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ABSTRACT There is no doubt that the daily life of a mankind depends a lot on the weather conditions at a time. The rotation of the earth and the occurrence of nature have created 4 different seasons of summer, winter, spring and autumn. Uniquely, this four-season cycle will occur in some areas such as the north and south poles. Meanwhile, countries that are on the Equator will not experience such seasons instead of these countries to experience summer and rainfall throughout the year. Focusing on Malaysia where the country experiences summer and sluggish all year round means the daily activities of its residents will be affected due to rainy season. The invention of technological appliances that can help not only human but other things are important in addressing an unforeseen rainfall crisis. The existence of rain protection roof technology known as rain awning in certain areas to help people cope with the rainy season which may affect their daily activities or productivity. The rapid development of technology nowadays makes people prefer to implement life more effectively. Effective technology can be categorized as user-friendly technology and fewer manpower users. In line with the requirement of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 introduced in late, this project introduced kinematic technology and automatic circuit to be applied to the rain awning. The combination of mechanical and electrical technology has introduced the prototype of automated rain awning with a fan-shaped roof that differs slightly from rain awning pattern that is currently in market. This newly design of prototype has undergone various levels to prove the effectiveness of its functions in engineering aspects, by using technical method such as Quality Function Development (QFD), software simulation and finally, a prototype development.
Rain Awning , Arduino uno , Rain sensor