Voltage Stability Analysis For An Electrical Network During Intentional Islanding Scenario

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Izyan Nabilah Binti Zulkanain
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This project focuses on computing the Voltage Stability Index (VSI) for islanded network for a transmission system based on islanding solutions obtained by past researchers. Three types of VSIs will be used; Fast Voltage Stability Index (FVSI), Line Stability Index (Lmn) and Line Stability Factor (LQP). Islanding solutions refer to the transmission lines to be cut or cutsets when performing intentional islanding scheme. Researchers are studying this scheme to be done on a transmission level to save power system from collapsing and causing severe blackouts. The project began by constructing IEEE 30-bus system using MATLAB Simulink and performing static load flow. Once load flow is successfully executed, islanding schemes are implemented and static load flow is performed for each different scheme. Data obtained from the load flow will be used to calculate the VSIs. The types of data required depends on the formulas of the three different VSIs. Lastly, the stability of the islands formed will be analysed based on the VSIs computed. The best islanding solution will be concluded thus validating the solution obtained.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Islanding , Voltage Stability Analysis , Voltage Stability Index