Development of smart roof for motorcycle via linkage system

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Al -walid Bin Kuanting
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The increase in the Malaysian population has led to higher demand for vehicles for them to reach destinations, especially motorcycles. However, technological advancements in motoring in Malaysia are still low. This is because the Malaysian ringgit does not match the dollar value of the technology which is so high in the world that the price of the motorcycle is difficult to obtain. Currently the biggest problem for motorcycle riders is when the weather is changing to rain so building a roof for motorcycles is a must. To design and develop the best motorcycle racing, literature reviews of existing designs, journals, reports, articles, patterns and statistics have been conducted. Further study on the design and development of motorcycle barns will lead to better improvements and thus lead to better product technology. In general, this research will be able to enhance Malaysia's reputation internationally.
Smart roof , Motocycle , Linkage system