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Noor Fatini Elea Bashir
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Piezoelectric energy system is one of the technology for clean energy production that generated electrical energy from mechanical force from human locomotion. However, this self-powered technology are not fully studies as the percentage of natural resources depletion increasing each day. In Malaysia, the development of piezoelectric technology are very limited due to the lack of study in utilization of waste energy from human locomotion. Thus, this work is required to design and fabricate a smart energy reflexology tile using piezoelectric to produce electrical energy from mechanical energy as well as to investigate the performance of piezoelectric tile design in harvesting footsteps energy. A prototype of piezoelectric reflexology tile is developed to measure the voltage generation and power produced from human locomotion. Factors that involved throughout the projects are weight of subjects exerted on it, the stepping speed, number of piezoelectric used and circuit arrangement. The data collected is then used to analyse the performance of piezoelectric tiles in harvesting energy. In conclusion, the piezoelectric tile with reflexology mat and attached with four piezoelectric disks connected in series-parallel connection is able to produce the highest voltage up to 5 V contributed by 88 kg subject. Each disk can produce power up to 0.07 mW after connected to other electrical components like resistor. Besides that, this work also able to produce power up to 10Mw. However, in order to increase the energy supply to supply more power to electronic devices like wireless sensors, equipped with high harvesting circuit system to ensure large power can be generated and the involvement from higher capacity of people are required to step on the piezoelectric tiles with reflexology mat.
FYP 2 SEM 1 2019 / 2020
prezoelectric , weight , stepping step , resistance , reflexology