Industrial revolution 4.0 enhancing e- commerce technology in operation management to sustain economy at malaysia

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Ummi Zulaikha binti Husri
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This paper will review on the importance of e-commerce technology in operation management to sustain economy at Malaysia align with Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0). This study will analyse the implementation of e-commerce technology by the employees in the organization in improving the profit and efficiency of e-commerce system. It is very important for the company to enhance their e-commerce technology align with IR 4.0. One of the problems most companies faced is that rely only on outdated and unreliable e-commerce technology. Most companies begin to realize that the new global economy has altered its style and they need to focus more on the competition between competitors. Organization will get lots of benefit if these e-commerce technologies are carefully managed. At the same time, some factors will be identified and will be highlighted based on the type of industry in term of e-commerce technology which be used for the operation management improvement. The study shows that there is a lack of knowledge and exposure about e-commerce technology align with IR 4.0 in a company. In the majority of the businesses, the e-commerce technology in the company was not managed properly. This paper will also propose e-commerce technology improvements such as do seminar or training about the e-commerce. Every method now encounters a digital or online system. This research therefore suggests that such as online purchasing or selling products and services that will assist in enhancing e-commerce technology in operation management to sustain economy.
Interim sem 2020 / 2021