Evaluating Learning Management System based on PACMAD Usability Model: Brighten Mobile Application

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Faudzi M.A.
Cob Z.C.
Omar R.
Sharudin S.A.
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Science and Information Organization
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During the pre-COVID-19 pandemic, mobile learning is just an optional or a supplementary module in learning process. However, when the pandemic hit the world in the middle of 2020, a large number of students were forced to move from traditional learning process to online learning. This has become a critical issue especially for new online learners. Usability of a mobile learning application is important in ensuring that learners are able to learn efficiently and effectively with ease. This study evaluates the usability of the Brighten mobile application; a Moodle-based Learning Management System (LMS) which is currently used by all Universiti Tenaga Nasional�s students. The evaluation is based on People at the Center of Mobile Application Development (PACMAD). The results indicate that Brighten mobile application is acceptable in terms of usability�s effectiveness, efficiency, learnability, memorability and error-tolerance. Learners� satisfaction level shows a �marginally acceptable� result based on the SUS Adjective Rating Scale and the result for cognitive load shows that the highest cognitive load was in terms of the performance factor. � 2022. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. All Rights Reserved.
Computer aided instruction; E-learning; Learning systems; Mobile computing; Cognitive loads; Learning management system; Learning process; Mobile application development; Mobile applications; Mobile Learning; Moodle; Pacmad; Traditional learning; Usability models; Usability engineering