An Overview of the Building Energy Management System Considering the Demand Response Programs, Smart Strategies and Smart Grid

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Shakeri M.
Pasupuleti J.
Amin N.
Rokonuzzaman Md.
Low F.W.
Yaw C.T.
Asim N.
Samsudin N.A.
Tiong S.K.
Hen C.K.
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Electricity demand is increasing, as a result of increasing consumers in the electricity market. By growing smart technologies such as smart grid and smart energy management systems, customers were given a chance to actively participate in demand response programs (DRPs), and reduce their electricity bills as a result. This study overviews the DRPs and their practices, along with home energy management systems (HEMS) and load management techniques. The paper provides brief literature on HEMS technologies and challenges. The paper is organized in a way to provide some technical information about DRPs and HEMS to help the reader understand different concepts about the smart grid, and be able to compare the essential concerns about the smart grid. The article includes a brief discussion about DRPs and their importance for the future of energy management systems. It is followed by brief literature about smart grids and HEMS, and a home energy management system strategy is also discussed in detail. The literature shows that storage devices have a huge impact on the efficiency and performance of energy management system strategies. � 2020 by the authors.
Electric power transmission networks; Energy efficiency; Energy management; Smart power grids; Virtual storage; Building energy management systems; Demand response programs; Efficiency and performance; Electricity demands; Home energy management systems; Load management techniques; Management systems; Technical information; Energy management systems