The Preliminary Study on the Perception of Engineering Students on Blended Learning

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Low M.C.
Lee C.K.
Sidhu M.S.
Hasan Z.
Lim S.P.
Lim S.C.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Mechanics Dynamics is an important fundamental course in engineering education. However, this course experiences a high failure rate among engineering students. This may be due to visualization problems associated with static images, complex engineering models, and concept misunderstanding. This paper presents the preliminary research of student perception on the blended learning flipped classroom approach in overcoming their learning difficulties in Mechanics Dynamics course. This pilot study aims to collect the learning difficulties of students in the Mechanics Dynamics and students' perception of blended learning using flipped classroom approach. A questionnaire has been designed and distributed through an online platform. The sample size is 30 which targets the engineering students in Malaysia's university who already took the Mechanics Dynamics course in less than five years. The findings are analyzed using a descriptive statistics approach. The initial findings indicate that the visualization problem is the main concern among the students. Although the students show low awareness regarding the blended learning flipped classroom approach, they have a positive attitude towards the element of the blended learning approach to be implemented in their classroom. � 2021 IEEE.
Dynamics; Education computing; Failure analysis; Visualization; Blended learning; Complex engineering; Descriptive statistics; Learning difficulties; Online platforms; Pilot studies; Positive attitude; Student perceptions; Students