Ventilated brake disk air streamlining using curved vane

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Munisamy K.M.
Yusoff M.Z.
Thangaraju S.K.
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Flow misalignment was identified in the conventional ventilated disk brake design. The conventional ventilated disk brake has straight bi-directional blade design. The misalignment was quantified using CFD as design tool. In the effort of re-aligning the flow angle helical lines fitted onto the conventional inner and outer diameter disk brakes yielded two different design innovation. The two "curved" designs have highlighted tremendous improvement on flow characteristics. Experimental analysis is carried out on the two curved 1 and curved 2 prototypes. The quantitative mass flow rate result is compared for conventional and the two curve shaped brake disk. Then, the data is fed as input condition to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model for disk brake models to analysis the flow characteristics qualitatively. The aerodynamics visualization through CFD supports well the mass flow improvement. The non-dimensional flow number is established and the correlation between flow number and Reynolds number is highlighted. � (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
CFD , Curved blade , Ventilated brake disk , Alignment , Computational fluid dynamics , Data flow analysis , Design , Reynolds number , Ventilation , Bi-directional , Blade design , Brake disks , Curved blade , Design innovations , Design tool , Disk brakes , Experimental analysis , Flow angles , Flow characteristic , Flow number , Helical lines , Mass flow , Mass flow rate , On flow , Outer diameters , Brakes