Dynamic modeling of string for robotics application

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Sahari K.S.M.
Min C.H.
Hou Y.C.
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This paper presents the modeling of deformable objects within the computer graphics. The method to model a physically correct simulator using a mass spring model for string simulation is proposed. The outline of this project is to design a dynamic model of a string. The string t is represented by a model that discretizes the object into a network of interconnected particles, springs and damping elements. The motion of the string is calculated by using nonlinear partial different equations. Besides, a recognition method based on the image information obtained is used to identify the position of string the string particles. The pixel of the image will be recorded as an array in the memory and is converted into grayscale image. After that, several processes such as background elimination and binarization is used to identify the position of each particle. Based on the results obtained, it can be concluded that the mathematical model developed are capable to approximate the real string parameter. Therefore, through modeling, a real string parameter inside a model can be measured and approximated with ease through simulation. Thus, this can be used to design systems for robotics application which have not been manufactured for testing, handling and manipulation. � 2012 IEEE.
computer graphic , graphical user interface , image processing , mass spring model , Computer graphics , Graphical user interfaces , Image processing , Intelligent systems , Mathematical models , Nonlinear equations , Robotics , Soft computing , Damping element , Deformable object , Gray-scale images , Image information , Interconnected particles , Mass-spring models , Recognition methods , Robotics applications , Computer simulation