Performance Analysis of Real Time Image Processing for Lightning Event Using Cython and Python Programming Languages

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Mun S.H.
Ahmad M.R.
Malik R.F.
Esa M.R.M.
Sabri M.H.M.
Periannan D.
Seah B.Y.
Mohamad S.A.
Cooray V.
Alkahtani A.A.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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Due to the uncommon and unpredictable phenomenon, lightning event become one of the challenging research topics for the scientist. The main thing that most capturing their attention is the lightning detection method which can improve the public safety by pinpointing the location of the lightning event and sending out the warning notification. Currently, there are lots of researcher proceed with the study related with the relationship between the pattern of the lightning and the electromagnetic signal received. During the research process, they would like to capture a clear lightning image from the cloud to proceed with the study of characteristic of the pattern of the lightning and electromagnetic field. The most common method for the researcher to detect and capture the lightning image is using the high-speed camera with a flash sensor. But this method is extremely expensive and has its own limitation on mobility part. Therefore, this paper is to develop and evaluate the suitable algorithm and programming language onto Raspberry Pi platform and act as an upgraded choice to replace high speed camera with affordable cost, high mobility but less accuracy compares to high speed camera. � 2019 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Climate change; Electromagnetic fields; High speed cameras; Lightning; Electromagnetic signals; Lightning detection methods; Performance analysis; Public safety; Python programming language; Real-time image processing; Research process; Research topics; Image processing