A Guideline of Ultrasonic Inspection on Butt Welded Plates

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Burhan I.
Mutaiyah G.
Hashim D.I.
Loganathan T.M.
Sultan M.T.H.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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This paper explained the procedure to carry out the ultrasonic inspection for single and double-V butt welded plates in detail by including the calculation of skip distance, stand-off, interpretation from plotting system, and the preparation of full inspection report as well. In addition, few inspections were compared on butt welded plate single and double-V to determine which is the most suitable, accurate and precise reading obtained. The comparisons were made between scheme answer from Sirim inspector, X-ray film, data that obtained from ultrasonic inspection and calculation by mathematical formulas and using plotting system. Mathematical formulas and plotting system was utilized to obtained the distance of stand-off (Soff) and skip distance, (Smax) whereas the plotting system were applied to locate the defects based on their S max and S off, and also to determine the depth, d and radius, r. The defects of single-V and double-V butt welding inspected by the ultrasonic technique were then compared with those obtained from the radiographic film while a good agreement was observed. However, the ultrasonic inspection proved to be much more sensitive than the radiographic inspection. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Butt welding; Defects; Inspection; Nondestructive examination; Welded steel structures; X ray films; X ray radiography; Double v; Mathematical formulas; Radiographic films; Radiographic inspection; Stand-off; Ultrasonic inspections; Ultrasonic techniques; Welded plates; Ultrasonic testing