A user-centric game selection model based on user preferences for the selection of the best heterogeneous wireless network

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Salih Y.K.
See O.H.
Ibrahim R.W.
Yussof S.
Iqbal A.
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Springer-Verlag France
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Next-generation wireless networks offer Internet connection through various technologies anytime and anywhere. The selection of an optimal technology from these available technologies is essential to guarantee user mobility and service continuity in a heterogeneous wireless environment. This paper proposes a new network selection model which is based on the integration of simple additive weighting (SAW) method in the framework of trading market non-cooperative game theory and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method was utilized to estimate the weights of the parameters that affect the network selection process. The proposed solution enables the mobile user to negotiate with competing networks by providing the user preference to be considered for the network selection process. The proposed solution is analyzed and tested through simulations. The results show the efficiency of proposed method which is able to optimize the user�s satisfaction. � 2014, Institut Mines-T�l�com and Springer-Verlag France.
Analytic hierarchy process; Commerce; Heterogeneous networks; Wireless networks; Analytic hierarchy process (ahp); Heterogeneous wireless network; Network selection; Next-generation wireless network; Non-cooperative game theory; Simple additive weighting; User preferences; Various technologies; Game theory