CFD analysis of temperature distribution in can-type combustor firing synthetic gas

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Hasini H.
Shuaib N.H.
Wan Abdullah W.A.F.
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This paper presents CFD analysis of the effect of syngas combustion in a full scale gas turbine combustor with specific emphasis given to the flame and flue gas temperature distribution. A base case solution was first established using conventional natural gas combustion. Actual operating boundary conditions such as swirl, diffusion and fuel mass flow were imposed on the model. The simulation result is validated with the flame temperature of typical natural gas combustion. Result from flow and combustion calculation shows reasonable trend of the swirl mixing effect. The maximum flame temperature was found to be the highest for syngas with the highest H2/CO ratio. However, the flue gas temperature was found to be approximately identical for all cases. The prediction of temperature distribution in the combustor would enable further estimation of pollutant species such as CO2 and NOx in complex regions within the combustor. � (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
Can-type combustor , CFD , Combustion , Natural gas , Syngas , Carbon dioxide , Combustion , Computational fluid dynamics , Flue gases , Mechanical engineering , Natural gas , Synthesis gas , Temperature distribution , Flame temperatures , Flue gas temperatures , Gas turbine combustor , Maximum flame temperature , Natural gas combustion , Pollutant species , Syn-gas , Syngas combustion , Combustors