Effect of ionic conductivity of a PAN-PC-LiClO 4 solid polymeric electrolyte on the performance of a TiO 2 photoelectrochemical cell

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Rahman M.Y.A.
Salleh M.M.
Umar A.A.
Ahmad A.
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A nanoparticle TiO 2 solid-state photoelectrochemical cell has been fabricated. The effect of ionic conductivity of a solid electrolyte of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-propylene carbonate (PC)-lithium perchlorate (LiClO 4) on the performance of a photoelectrochemical cell of indium tin oxide (ITO)/TiO 2/PAN-PC-LiClO 4/graphite has been investigated. A nanoparticle TiO 2 film was deposited onto ITO-covered glass substrate by controlled hydrolysis technique. A solid electrolyte of PAN-LiClO 4 with PC plasticizer prepared by solution casting technique was used as a redox couple medium. The room temperature conductivity of the electrolyte was determined by AC impedance spectroscopy technique. A graphite electrode was prepared onto a glass slide by electron beam evaporation technique. The device shows a photovoltaic effect under illumination. The short-circuit current density, J sc, and open-circuit voltage, V oc, vary with the conductivity of the electrolyte. The highest J sc of 2.82 ?A cm -2 and V oc of 0.56 V were obtained at the conductivity of 4.2�10 -4?Scm -1 and at the intensity of 100 mW cm -2. � 2010 Springer-Verlag.
Hydrolysis technique , Ionic conductivity , Nanoparticle titanium dioxide , PAN-PC-LiClO <sub>4</sub> , Photoelectrochemical cell , Electrochemical electrodes , Electron beams , Graphite , Graphite electrodes , Hydrolysis , Indium compounds , Ionic conductivity , Ions , ITO glass , Lithium , Nanoparticles , Open circuit voltage , Photoelectrochemical cells , Plasticizers , Propylene , Solid electrolytes , Substrates , Switching circuits , Tin , Tin oxides , Titanium , Titanium castings , Titanium compounds , Titanium dioxide , Ac impedance spectroscopy , Controlled hydrolysis , Electron beam evaporation , Glass slides , Glass substrates , Indium tin oxide , Lithium perchlorate , , Photoelectrochemicals , Propylene carbonate , Redox couple , Room-temperature conductivity , Solid polymeric electrolytes , Solution-casting technique , TiO , Ionic conduction in solids