Development Of Portable Hydro Energy Device

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Ahmad Fiqri Rusli
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Hydro energy is one of the renewable energy that has been use in this era. The hydro energy can convert the flow of water to electricity energy. This project is a portable hydro energy device to generate electricity. In this project, the electrical energy is generated through a water flow of a river and will charge a rechargeable lithium ion battery while camping. The camping activity always take a few days or a week to complete the journey. It will run of electrical energy resources after past few days in the camp. This project will help to supply some electrical energy through a battery that can be charge using a river flow as source energy. This project contains a mini hydro turbine, step up converter, battery management system, and universal serial bus output port. The portable hydro device is easy to carry because it is light and small. This project can charge a lot of electrical device such as phone, speaker, powerbank because it has an USB port for the output. The rechargeable battery can use to equip any device that use battery if the old battery has no energy left. This project can help the people that is in need of source of electrical energy while camping.