A Study of mechanichal properties of kenaf / solid glass microsphere / epoxy composite

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Kuganesh A /l Sivasubramaniam
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This thesis present the mechanical properties from the usage of Kenaf, Epoxy and Solid Glass Microsphere (SGM) framing a composite. Subsequently, the impact, hardness and tensile attributes were resolved. In view of the hand lay-up technique, the composite of various ratios (90:5:5, 80:10:10, 70:15:15, 60:20:20, 50:25:25, 40:30:30, 30:35:35) were manufactured. The mix was given a role as composite bars from prior depictions. The impact, tensile and hardness quality of the composite were examined in the experimentation and found that the bars exhibited and incredible attributes with augmentation of the Kenaf and SGM fillers until 50:25:25 ratio and afterward reduced there onwards.The outcomes and information that were shown in this paper on Kenaf/Epoxy/SGM composite bars. In addition, this paper shows the manufacture approach and estimations of the composite bars in regard to the mechanical properties ASTM standards. All the fabrication were done at Manufacturing Laboratory while the mechanical tests were led at Mechanics of Materials Laboratory. In this manner, above data is fundamental for hybrid composite makes engaged with developing insulators on electronic devices, creating composite material and other engineering segments. It will be valuable to contrast and study Epoxy Resin and different fillers and natural fibres for additional upgrade on the mechanical properties portrayal.
Mechanichal properties , Kenaf , Solid Grass