Formulating Infostructure Maturity Model for Disaster Management

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Latif A.A.
Arshad N.H.
Janom N.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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The utilization of newly defined term infostructure in disaster management are not adequately explored. A proper evaluation tool need to be developed to assess the infostructure usage in meeting the disaster activities objectives. This paper highlights the development of a maturity model within the context of a disaster process maturity. This paper describes the processes taken to construct a maturity model as an assessment tool to help disaster agencies understand the infostructure capability in managing disaster. The maturity model was built by collecting data from selected disaster agencies in Malaysia. The data collected was analyzed using Rasch Algorithm using Winstep software that produced four output statistics that include the logit values, standard error, infit and outfit of each items. The outputs were used to construct a maturity model of five levels, adopted from Capability Maturity Model. This paper aims to produce a maturity model to assess maturity levels of infostructure used in disaster activities. � 2021 IEEE.
Disaster prevention; Error statistics; Software engineering; Assessment tool; Capability maturity models; Disaster management; Evaluation tool; Maturity levels; Maturity model; Process maturity; Standard errors; Disasters