Power quality analysis of energy storage system

dc.contributor.authorGahbilan A/L Devadas
dc.description.abstractThe duck curve issue has become a concern for utility companies which runs microgrids. These microgrids runs on renewable energy such as photovoltaic plant, biomass, coal and many more. Microgrids which runs on PV plant has inconsistent supply due to nature of renewable energy being unstable. This is due to PV plant does not produce constant output power throughout the day. The inconsistency of PV plant may lead to shortages of power generation and the total load demand in microgrid could not be met and hence blackout occurs. Shortages occurs at night time, rainy days and cloudy days where solar energy production is very less. Utilities have been looking solutions to solve this problem. The conventional microgrid uses diesel generator which acts as backup to the PV plant.
dc.subjectElectric power systems -- Quality control
dc.subjectEnergy storage
dc.titlePower quality analysis of energy storage system
dc.typeResource Types::text::Final Year Project