Design of hand gesture control by using gyro sensors and arduino to control fan movement and speed

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Muhammad Amir Hazim Bin Jamaluddin
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A home appliance is usually the most frequently used technologies aside from the mobile phones in our daily life. The world is changing very rapidly and technology is adapting to human ergonomics along the way. A hand-gesture control would be able to remove the need to have multiple unused buttons on the traditional remote controls. A healthier alternative too as it would initiate the motor drives in our hands. Contrary to past studies, the Arduino UNO has been the most widely experimented microcontroller. This study focuses more on the Arduino Lilypad as it is very suitable to become a hand-gesture remote due to its convenient design. The main objective of this study is to be able to incorporate hand-gesture controls and home appliance through wireless technology. A bundle of source codes is also used to program the Arduino boards. However, this experiment was not able to fully complete the whole device through wireless means but it can still work independently. The Arduino UNO and the Arduino Lilypad both have similar capabilities but the Arduino Lilypad is the more perfect fit to become a hand-gesture controller.
Arduino lilypad , Accelerometer , RF 433 Module