LoRa System with IOT Technology for Smart Agriculture System

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Edwin L.
Lee H.J.
Ker P.J.
Jamaludin M.Z.
Akhmal Abu Bakar M.A.
Awang R.
Yusuf F.A.M.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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LoRa (short for long-range) refers to the RF modulation under the low-power wide area networks (LPWANs) that offers the potential of smart solution under various environment conditions using the long-range communication capability. Nevertheless, the performance of this technology varies depending on the surrounding conditions as well as the presence of obstructions between the end-To-end transceivers. This paper describes the LoRa project that was developed to foster the local rural agriculture business by implementing smart agriculture applications based on LoRa. The Reyax RYLR890 LoRa transceiver is used to allow bi-directional communications between multiple nodes to operate two different agriculture systems remotely without using the intenet. The communication performance was investigated by studying the changes in the receiving signal strength indicator (RSSI) and signal-To-noise ratio (SNR) against distance in the urban and rural areas. The initial hypotheses stated that LoRa communicates better in rural areas. However, it is highly dependent on the placement of the transceiver. � 2022 IEEE.
Internet of things; Low power electronics; Rural areas; Signal to noise ratio; Transceivers; Wide area networks; Agriculture systems; Energy; Long distance; Long range systems; Low Power; Multiple nodes; RF modulation; Security; Smart agricultures; Wide-area networks; Agriculture