Computational Intelligence Based Technique for Multi-DG Installation in Transmission System

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Sahilahudin M.F.F.
Musirin I.
Jelani S.
Mansor M.H.
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EDP Sciences
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The increasing electricity demand in transmission system has caused the power transmission system experiencing stress condition. This phenomenon has forced the system to need urgent additional supply to maintain system adequacy, in particular the de-regulated power system environment. Distributed generation (DG) has been identified as one of the possible solutions to address this issue. DG installation has the capability to reduce transmission loss and improve the voltage profile. This paper presents evolutionary programming (EP) technique for optimizing the sizing and locations in DG installation. In this study, several DGs have been installed to address the voltage profile improvement and loss minimization; implemented on the IEEE 30-Bus Reliability Test System (RTS). Results obtained from the study revealed that, installation of multi-DGs in a transmission system has significantly minimized the transmission loss along with voltage profile improvement. � 2020 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.
Computer programming; Electric power transmission; Installation; Transmissions; Wave transmission; Electricity demands; Loss minimization; Power transmission systems; Reliability test system; System environment; Transmission loss; Transmission systems; Voltage profile improvement; Electric load loss