A new dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for fiber wireless network

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Radzi N.A.M.
Din N.M.
Rawi N.I.M.
Abdullah F.
Ismail A.
Al-Mansoori M.H.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Fiber Wireless (FiWi) provides a solution that combines gigabit passive optical network and Wi-Fi to provide huge capacity as well as mobility support. To manage the bandwidth in FiWi, a dynamic bandwidth allocation is proposed in this paper where it uses time division multiple access at the optical part and Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance at the wireless part. Two methods are used for the algorithm, one using status reporting and the other is using non status reporting. It shows that both algorithms have their own advantage and disadvantage. The differences were found to be marginal though. For the status reporting, it has 4.6% higher bandwidth utilization than non status reporting and non status reporting has 5.24% lower delay compared to status reporting. � 2014 IEEE.
Algorithms; Bandwidth; Carrier communication; Carrier sense multiple access; Frequency allocation; Passive optical networks; Wi-Fi; Band-width utilization; Carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidances; CSMA/CA; delay; Dynamic bandwidth allocation; Dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithms; Fiber-wireless; Gigabit passive optical network; Time division multiple access