Data from renewable energy assessments for resort islands in the South China Sea

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Basir Khan M.R.
Jidin R.
Pasupuleti J.
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Renewable energy assessments for resort islands in the South China Sea were conducted that involves the collection and analysis of meteorological and topographic data. The meteorological data was used to assess the PV, wind and hydropower system potentials on the islands. Furthermore, the reconnaissance study for hydro-potentials were conducted through topographic maps in order to determine the potential sites suitable for development of run-of-river hydropower generation. The stream data was collected for 14 islands in the South China Sea with a total of 51 investigated sites. The data from this study are related to the research article "Optimal combination of solar, wind, micro-hydro and diesel systems based on actual seasonal load profiles for a resort island in the South China Sea" published in Energy (Khan et al., 2015) [1]. � 2015 The Authors.
Hydroelectric power; Maps; Meteorology; Wind speed; Generation systems; Meteorological data; Microhydropower; PV system; Renewable energy assessments; Solar radiation,wind speed; South China sea; Wind energy generation; Wind energy generation system; Wind speed; Wind power