Static and dynamic reconfiguration approaches for mitigation of partial shading influence in photovoltaic arrays

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Ajmal A.M.
Sudhakar Babu T.
Ramachandaramurthy V.K.
Yousri D.
Ekanayake J.B.
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Environmental conditions have a strong influence on the behavior and quality of the generated photovoltaic (PV) power. The partial sharing condition is a natural phenomenon that reduces the lifetime of the PV array and the effectiveness of the entire system. Dispersing the shadow equally over PV panels is the solution to avoid the negative impact of the partial shading condition. Accordingly, PV array reconfiguration has become an attractive topic of study for researchers. In this paper, the authors provide a comprehensive review of all the schemes proposed for the PV reconfiguration system. In addition, a comparative study among all the published approaches and the challenges facing each approach are presented. Future research topics that highlight new methods to produce higher power from an available PV system are discussed. � 2020 Elsevier Ltd
Dynamic models; Photovoltaic effects; Comparative studies; Dynamic re-configuration; Environmental conditions; Natural phenomena; Partial shading; Photovoltaic arrays; Reconfiguration system; Research topics; Photovoltaic cells; array; comparative study; photovoltaic system; research method