Flexural strength of ferrocement concrete beam with different layers of mesh

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Ahmed Abdullah AboBakr Badhib
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This paper presents the experimental study to investigate the applicability of a novel technique of construction concrete. The growing need for cheaper construction is much- discussed subject. Ferrocement beams present a series of possibilities for the solution of construction problem in development countries. The major advantages of this system over current construction methods are mainly due to the reduction in structural dead load and the use of fewer building elements, which are much easier to handle. In the present investigation the ferrocement beams are fabricated by conventional concrete as core with high performance layers of steel wire mesh. An eight ferrocement beams are cast and tested due to flexural strength test. The results are compared with control beam made solely of the concrete. The structural behavior was monitored by reading the deflection and by observing the crack. The measured values of deflections and the observations made indicated that ferrocement can be used in construction of buildings.
TA683.2 .A35 2012
Reinforced concrete construction , Reinforced concrete