Visualization in Faceted Search Engine - A Review

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Mahdi M.N.
Ahmad A.R.
Subhi M.A.
Ismail R.
Qassim Q.S.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Finding information through search engines from large data repositories becomes more complicated due to three things; the growth and the size of the Web, insufficient relevancy of most of the search results, and the need to sort out the more relevant results from less relevant results. For more than a decade, many great methods and tools for visualization in faceted search engines have been developed and literature about them published in conference proceedings and journals. However, there are still rooms for improvement. To take up this, we have reviewed many visualizations based faceted search and performed our research especially on information exploration on the Web with the purpose of finding a better way to address visualization in faceted search. In this research, we discuss some issues among many, such as pre-processing and acquisition of search results that need to be taken into consideration in the development of a visualization based faceted search. The main contribution of this paper is a report of the review of past information on visualization-based faceted search tools and the mechanisms for enhancing filters to reduce down the results of the search process. � 2020 IEEE.
Advanced Analytics; Big data; Visualization; Faceted search; Information exploration; Large data; Pre-processing; Search process; Search engines